Monday, February 8, 2010

Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm Review after 1 Week


I'd say not much change yet.

If there's any, its not noticeable yet.
Emphasis on the 'yet' which mean there's still hope, perhaps sooner or maybe later. Coz Dermalogica products usually work slowly, the effects will not be seen immediately (speaking from experience).

After all its just one week! Heee..

*Ni kes tak sabar sbenarnye.

Exclusive: My bare naked face!

Minus any make up, only moisturizer and sunscreen. As u can see, the eye bag and 'smiling' lines are dead obvious! There's even an 'au naturale' smoky effect on ma' eyelids (to put it on positive way! huhu).

*Pardon the vain entry. I'm a woman. I'm entitle to be vain.



Zuhaini said...

tak pe.. pelan2.. nanti bila-bila aku jumpa hang, sure hang da makin cun! :)

EHem, dermalogica yg hang duk apply tu apa..? vitamin ke, krim muka...?

Mimi said...

Hihihihi.. tak makin cun pun xpe, asalkan my skin x tua sebelum waktunya. Like ppl said "Age gracefully" ;)
Yg I dok pakai tu eye cream.. nak hilangkan fine lines kat mata sb ada banyak :( tapi kalau baca2 kat lips pun bole apply gak.. ehehe

Ceegee said...

I think you look beautiful!!! Certainly much better than me without makeup! Thanks for being brave enough to share!

I did a review of Multivitamin Power Firm here - I really like it and alhtough I can't say what it will do long term - I totally believe in Dermalogica products and know at least I am putting some gorgeous ingredients into the skin around my eyes - which can only ever have positive effects right?!

Good luck with your stuff x

Ceegee said...

Sorry the link is:

Multivitamin Powerfirm Review

Mimi said...

Hi Ceegee! Thanks for dropping by my blog and linking ur review. Its always nice to meet another beauty junky like me (haha) :D

I Love ur blog! Gonna refer to ur review whenever i decide to try new dermalogica product in future~

Zakaria Mahuddin said...

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