Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guess How Much I Bought This Stroller?

I am oh-so-happy! But first take ur shot.. How much I bought this stroller?

Been looking for small stroller that can fit that small trunks of my car for ages. Even when MC Jive stroller ws on sale I ws quite hesitant coz its still pretty expensive to me, as we already have that McLaren. But the McLaren wouldnt fit in my trunk, we gotta place it at backseat.

To cut the story short, I found this stroller at Anakku SALE..

I got it at.........


Cheapest stroller ever!
Fit my trunks just nicely and I'm one happy bunny! :D


azzamoro said...

murahla... i pun tgh nak carik stroller yg super ringan neh

Zuhaini said...

murahnya! :) nak satu! kaler pink ya, mimi! ahahahah :D

Mimi said...

Murah rite? Before this yg paling murah I penah jumpa kat toysrus rm99.90, tapi masa tu xperlu lagi. Sekali jumpa yg lagii murah.. hehe best giler

Kaler pink eh? hehe.. xsure ade tak.. rasanya kaler oren ade la ;) tapi not sure skangni still retain harga yg sama x..

mommy kam said...

murahnya! n sgt convenient.. mana u beli.. tgh cari gak satu for my son yang senang bawak travel.. stroller skarang gedabak n heavy leceh kalau travel..

Mimi said...

mommy kam..
I bought it at Anakku Outlet, The Mines. I guess any Anakku Outlet might has the same model. Ori price around rm12+ i think. Belilaa sementara sale! Gotta warn u though, i thinks its not that comfy for long journey coz it has no back support. But kalau kejap2 mcm beli groceries je mmg convinient!