Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Awisy.Blogspot.Com! and a special giveaway~

I cant believe I almost miss this!

2 years ago I start this blog as a medium to update our daily happenings and Awisy progress to Papa who went to Budapest, Hungary for 4 months. Awisy was 4 months old. Along the way this blog has become my personal space where I jot down my story, the outlet of my feeling, and my interest. I found joy, I share tips and I've made a lot of friend here.

Time really fly fast! Fast forward and now is 2 years old!

Happy Birthday My Blog! I hope u'll last till Awisy is grown so he can reads his childhood stories here. So he can get to know me better here. So he can love his Mama and Papa more and more and more.. Insyallah.

In conjunction to my blog birthday, I'm preparing a special first time ever giveaway as a token of appreciation to my reader ;) Just for fun. Still deciding on how to decide my winner though.. But here's a glimpse of the prize...

Pssst.. I bought it in Vietnam. Found almost similar one in a boutique here at RM99.90!

Stay Tune!

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