Sunday, February 14, 2010

He is Teaching Himself of How to Read!

Awisy gave me a pleasant surprise while we’re driving around in Malacca. He was sitting right behind me strapped on his carseat, munching a packet of ABC cookies. Once in a while he’ll pass me a piece of that cookie across my shoulder. Absent-mindedly I take and eat them; I was too busy chit-chatting with Papa.

The ABC Cookies

After awhile I realize that each time he pass me a cookie he’ll call out the letters like

“Mama Y!” or “Mama O!” or “Mama M!”

and much to my delight, it was a correct match! For instance when he goes “Mama N!” he was actually passing me the cookie letters N!

I was so excited I start to test him there and then. I turn around, hold a cookie and asked him..

“Awisy whats this?”

and later I found out that he recognized most of the alphabets. Not all, but most of them. Papa was excited too but he has to focus on driving the car ;) I feel like hugging and kissing him right away, luckily both of us were strapped to our seat.. hehe.

I think these tv programs especially Word World has really trigger his interest to alphabets and spelling. While buying this laptop has boost up the process. Sometimes he’ll occupy himself pressing the keyboard one by one and repeat what the laptop said like “A for Apple” and on and on.

Mama spells Awisy name on the floor


Maka tamatlah riwayat cookies itu...

Mama’s soo proud of you baby! Take ur babysteps okie..
Soon u’ll be reading like nobody’s bisness!


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