Wednesday, February 10, 2010

His Top 3 Most Favourite TV Programs

These programs will keep Awisy glued to the TV and I let him coz I can see him absorbing the informations while being entertained ;D

So far they're all PHDC's. Sometimes its up to the point that all of us are watching PHDC 24-7 coz Awisy insisted to else he'll throw tantrum all over the house.. huhuhu. Rasa cam nak kensel the HBO subscription coz we rarely switch to that channels now plus nowadays all the movies are kinda so-so, tak banyak movie menarik kan?!

Anyway back to the topic, hehehe.. Here is his top 3 list:

1. Word World

This program has deeply influenced Awisy interest to alphabets and spelling. He love-love it and now whenever he sees letters he'll try to read it (in his own noisy gibberish way la of course). Even I love watching it especially when they goes "LETS BUILD THE WORD!" Hahaha..

Check out this cool e-book on word world website:

2. Animal Mechanicals

Like Papa said "diorang ni macam power rangers tapi versi comel"

But the I added "tapi i like their mission coz they always solving problem, bukan macam power rangers yang asek lawan-lawan je!" (p/s - not condemning power rangers, just stating the fact. God know tak lama lagi Awisy switch his interest to power rangers and ultraman lak.. hehe)

Every character has their own special ability and Awisy favourite is the blue Sasquatch! Mecha na stretchy.. ehehe. He even do his own Sasquatch immitation and I've caught it on camera. Insyaallah, will upload it here someday ;)

3. Little Einsteins

Little Einsteins is always on a mission and it is usually themed by a piece of classical musics like mozarts or beethoven and arts. Their mission is always simple and intriguing to Awisy. For example locating missing parents for baby monkey and they find their way by the musics. Hehe :D

Plus I love how they engage their little audience to clap or raise hand or jump with them. Awisy totally love it especially when patting 'pat! pat! pat!' whenever rocket is going to 'blast off!'

Sooo cute ;)

Awisy also love other programs like Dibo, Oso, Ollie, Thomas and Chugginton but these three programs really keep him glued to the tv ;D

What bout ur kiddos? Perhaps u can recommend other interesting program that i should keep my eye on?

Do share coz sharing is caring ;)

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