Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Journey to Mersing

These photos were dated back in december 09. Been wanting to record it here for awhile, keep forgetting. We went to Mersing to attend Atuk's best friend's daughter's wedding.. hahaha. Jadi orang sebelah.. Awe invited us to come along and since me and papa never set our foot in Mersing, we decided to go.

It was a long long drive from Bangi to Kuala Pilah to Serting to Muazam to Maran to Mersing! But I'd say its quite serene and beautiful coz the road is surrounded by nature. Especially around our National Park area. The tree is oh-so-green, the sky so blue, and we stopped by for lunch at this road side restaurant eating fresh prawns. So Yummy!

Here are some of the moments captured on photos ;)

Something funny happens. After enjoying the view by the riverside and a lot of camwhoring session, we decided to leave the jetty. Suddenly Awisy cried coz he tot we're waiting for the boat! Hehehe.. Was shouting "Nak naik bot! Nak naik bot!" and crying all the way to the car. We had to promise him for a boat ride at Mines. He remembered ok! Keep requesting until that weekend we went to Mines just to ride the boat. Haha :D

Awisy awisy..


old friend said...

you look slimmer in black :P

pujian ikhlas - bebas drpd unsur2 perli.

Mimi said...

hahaha old fren.. but then i know that already! dont worry none taken. Else i wont be blabbing about trying to loose weight (with no avail! yet) here in my blog ;)

Btw care to reveal ur identity? perhaps u cn email me at Please?