Sunday, February 14, 2010

Making His Wish Come True

His obsession on big-big vehicles is no secret especially on trains that he refers as 'Bimas' (translation: Thomas as in Thomas and Friends). So yesterday after lazying in front of the TV for quite sometimes I throw some suggestions to Papa.

"Jom bawak Awisy naik Bimas.. Kalau taknak jom pi tasik putrajaya kita naik bot!"

"U pegilaa siap dulu.." Papa agreed (to cut the story short heheh..)

So we went to ride KLIA transit from Putrajaya to KLIA, heheh. This is his 2nd time, the first time train ride was when we send Papa to airport last year to his 2 weeks course in Jakarta. Awisy was sleeping all the way from home to ERL station, I woke him up while Papa purchased the ticket.

"Awisy wakey wakey! Kita nak naik Bimas!"

He opened eyes. Upon seeing the train posters on the wall, he become charged right away. Excited! Heheh.. Papa got the ticket, RM13 per person for return ticket. Gap between 2 trains is 20 minutes. We just need to wait for awhile before our ride come ;)

The transit stop at Salak Selatan Station. He cried when we fooled him "Sampai dahhh..". Hehe :D Cried and goes "Belum lagiiii.. belum sampai!.."

Arrived at KLIA after around 20 minutes. Went to the what-its-name (anjung something) where we can watch all the planes and trains. Let him ooohing and aahing and bidding good byes to the aeroplanes for a while...

Then we had dinner at Burger King, bought some chocolates and its time to go home! These photos were from our way back to Putrajaya Station.

As we leave the station, Awisy goes "Bye Bimas.. See u there!" hehe.. I correct him "See u again la Awisy!" ;)

Bye-bye Bimas.. Hope to see u again! :D

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