Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Blues Remedy - Hot Cocoa and Miso Soup ;)

As ure reading I believe I'm still lazying in bed w my baby at Melaka ;)

And most probably Papa, Atuk, and Nenek Melaka are on the way to eye specialist for Nenek's eyes check up. She ws adviced to go for laser treatment and perhaps they can set the appoinment date or better yet meet the specialist today.

Anyway, have u tried this cocoa collagen drinks? Its hot stuffs in forums. At first I ws quite hesitant to try foods/drinks/supplements like this but since it has KKM approval and what not, decided to have a go ;) Will do a review IF its works out, hehe..

Miso soup is definitely my type of comford food. Now I hv them spared in my office in case of grumbling tummies on rainy day!

Happy Monday~

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