Thursday, February 25, 2010


Somehow we decided to go against all odd and braved ourself to try another NEW restaurant ;) *okeh not totally true coz my parents and sister already eat here once, and gave a quite good review

Restoran Rimba, just opposite Taman Tasik Chempaka~

Oh God.. They should fix that light fixture a.s.a.p coz now it spells RI-BA! not good at all

The usual suspects......


Urs truly and my signature air suam, heh

Our sweetheart

The usual drama

Now, the foods here are quite pricey. But as i said, we dont mind paying if its worth the money (provided its not ridiculously expensive la kan). Scanning the simple menu, i saw all the nasi goreng priced around RM5 and then something catch my eyes..

"Tom Yam Pok Tek ni apa?" I queried the waiter

"Tom Yam ni ada semua kak.. udang besar, ketam sebelah, isi ikan, ayam, daging.."


"Cuba la kak! Sedapppp..." he tried to convince me

"Okay la! Tapi mesti mesti buat sedap sedap tau!"

Ada nada ugut di situ.

What do u expect? I'm still traumatized by our previous experience. At RM12 he assured that its enough for 2. I accompany my order with plain white rice, Papa nasi goreng kampung, and Awisy fish and chips.

In 10 mins or so (quite fast!) the foods start to arrive.

Awisy's fish and chips, RM12. Tasty! I like the crispiness of the fish fillet but I do wish the fish meat ws a bit thicker. The coleslaw and tar-tar sauce plus broccoli, carrot, and lettuce are nice too.

Yay! All mine~ Tom Yam Pok Tek and white rice. To sum it up, I'm in lurrve, baby. And right now am actually craving for it! The seafood are fresh and the tom yam gravy is tasty :D

Papa's Nasi Goreng Kampung is syedap too. Cukup rasa ;)

Oh gosh.. nak makan ni malam niiiiii! please please please Papa!

To sum it up = PUAS HATI!

The shop interior and exterior kinda has calming ambiance but the more important thing is their food taste measured up to our expectation. Macam ni la besh kan?! Bayar mahal sikit pun tak kisah asalkan sedap dan puas hati.

Oh ya.. they have steamboat too. Will surely try it someday, hopefully along with my big family (kate kami orang Bangi kan!).

Good Job Restoran Rimba!

Keep it up ya!


i actually tak confident nak buat review okay, takut orang lain try based on my review pastu kuciwaaa.. So this is our personal opinion. Do try at ur own risk ya! hehehe :D


Anonymous said...

fish and chips!! ni fav my little hero 2 org tu..

Mynie said...

kelakar rimba jadi ri-ba hehe ;p

Zuhaini said...

oh.. hang suka tom yam eh..? x pedas ke..?

Aimi Mukhlis said...

taman tasik cempaka tu belah mana ek?

Akak Ratu said...

akak dah try their buffet lunch once.... ok la but not much of variety.... nnt bole la pulak try dinner kat situ dh dpt gud review from mimi nih ;-).... nway klu nak try best tom yam poktek (for akak n my family n frens ler nih.... he he), mimi bole try @ village view they also hv chic boxing yg mavelousss.... wp ramai org tp cepat jer smpi order kita :-)

Mimi said...

Eh same la! The fish fillet is Awisy (current) favourite food. Yg chips kitorg yg habiskan.

Tu la pasal. Sian restoran tu. Haha :D

Pedas a bit. Tapi i mmg suka pedas pedas masam masam nieh ;)

Ko tanya tasik tu kan? dekat sebelah kompleks pkns bangi. hmm kalau tak silap aku seksyen 8 kot.

Sis Ratu..
Hehehe, alamak kalau bukan ur taste jangan marah kite tau ;) Tapi sama kot, sbb chic boxing village view is one of our favourites gak. Waaaa nak try la tomyam pok tek kat situ!

catz said...

kedai ni sedap..aku pernah makan..beluym sempat wat review

Mimi said...

OK kan rasa kedai ni? Tp rtu second time i pegi servis dia cam kelam kabut lak.. katanye ramai staf tetiba amik cuti.. apeapeje laaa labu!