Thursday, February 11, 2010

Papa Bersalah

Yesterday was a hot-hot-hot day. Upon entering our house back from work, I feel surge of cold air..

"wow sejuk nya rumah kita!"

"Mana ada? biasa je" said Papa.

But then I was complaining about the heat since 5pm coz our office management decided to shut down central air-cond at 5pm which is unfair to some of us who punch in at 830 and out at 530 (but thats a different story). So yadi-yada, it was about 9pm that time when we arrived home coz we stayed for a while at Atuk and Awe's then all the clan went out for dinner to celebrate Bobbi's birthday.

Which reminds me.. Happy Birthday Bobbi! Aku tau ko tak baca blog aku but I'm gonna wish u here anyway, hehe. Hope u like the t-shirts! Bukan senang nak cari prezzie last minute kat Warta! keskeskes..

Anyway, after about an hour watching TV and what not, Papa went upstairs. Suddenly he shouted..

"Youuuuuuu! U lupe tutup air-cond ke?"

Oh so typical Papa kalau jumpa apa-apa salah mesti tunding 5 jari kat aku! Hehe. I fired a shot back..

"Manade!! Pagi tadi u yang turun last!"

I'm soo sure coz I went down first to prepare Awisy bag for his fresh shirts-pants supply at aunty babysitter. Papa pulak turun after that sambil dukung sleepy Awisy.

"Air-cond tak tutup drpd semalam! Dah lebih 24 hours!!"

Lepastu Papa pun termenung mengenangkan bil letrik bulan ini.. nyeh nyeh nyeh..



Akak Ratu said...

heheee... termenung pjg ya... akak ngan hbby pn selalu camtu... klu forgot to off aircond, lampu, ubat nyamuk suma dikatanya akak... tp tak leh jd kena fire blk defence diri sendiri... ngeee

Mimi said...

Sis Ratu..
Betultu! Kene defend diri sendiri! Tapi kalau memang sendiri yang salah senyap je la.. heeeeee :D