Friday, February 19, 2010

A Special Awisy.Blogspot.Com 2nd Birthday Giveaway!

Sticky Post: This Giveaway will ends 19th February 2010 at 12pm(midnight!)
Please scroll below for my latest entry :D

Welcome to our first ever giveaway in conjunction of this blog 2nd birthday!

I want to make it extra special this year by involving all my blog readers, including the silent ones ;) Hello silent readers! I know that among you and you and you are my relatives, my ex-schoolmates, my ex-unimates, my ex and current colleagues who silently read my stories and suddenly making remarks like “oh yes! I read that in ur blog..” when we’re chitchatting about something.. hehe :D

And also Hello to all the new frens and mummies that I’ve met here ;) who gave their prayer when my baby is unwell, who provide words of encouragement when I’m feeling down, who gave me tips and advice whenever i needed one, the list goes on and on and on if I want to say it all..

To sum it all up, I just want to say Thank You and I Love U~ :D

Now don’t let me all worked up and sentimental and forget what I want to write! Lets get back to the topic, The Giveaway!

So..How to participate?

Easy.. Just drop a comment here saying u want to join my giveaway. Include ur blog and email address. (eh link me if u haven’t and I’ll link u back too :D). If u don’t have a blog, just include ur email address.


Hi Mimi! Aku nak join~ My blog and my email


Hi Mimi! I’m ur silent reader. My email

Easy peasy right?

Now the exciting part.. The 2 special prizes!

A gorgeous fully beaded clutch all the way from Vietnam~


A very beautiful silky smooth orange-peachy batik from Bali~ Its long enough to make a sarong or skirt ;)

Winners will be decided via lucky draw by none other than Mr Awisy ;) And this giveaway will end on 12 midnight Friday 19th February 2010 so Insyallah the winners will be announced on Sunday 21st February~

Good Luck!


naza said...

Nak join..nak join!!hehe...

asioh teruja pulak nk menang..Awisy..pick la nama aunty!!hehe..nnt aunty bribe Bimas okah!! ;P

Mimi said...

Another one Diya Perghh kalau xde org lain jorg korg menang tanpa bertanding! haha :D

Tapi Awisy kata kalau aunty naza bribe bimas dia pilihkan special prize.. wakaka :D

fazila said...

me too nak join ;p my email:

Mynie said...

saya nak cuba! (dah ada yr link lama dah)


fabulous.farah said...


mama_rai said...

nak jugak bole?

dya said...

i'm ur silent reader tp saya nk join gk..:)
email saya:

Zuhaini said...

mimi.. aku bukan silent sangat, tapi aku nak join, buleh...? ahahaha :)

email saya :

:) hehehehe.....

AppleCrux said... nak join of yr silent readers too..

visit me at
and my email

Mimi said...

Thanks for joining girls! :D
They lucky draw will be done tomorrow i.e Saturday 20/02/2010..
Insyallah I'll announce the winner on Sunday ya!

Good Luck~

Mas said...


Mimi aku nak join.. my blog is in ur list.. my email is also on ur list.. and i'm ur silent reader.. hehe..


Mimi said...


Muahaahaa i dont define u as my silent reader :P Tapi ko ialah disqualified sbb contest already closed! hehe.. Next time okie babe :D

Mas said...

wei Mimi.. aku USA time aaa.. kena consider... huhuhu...

Mimi said...

chehhhh... ok la ok..
since ko usa time aku terima la ur reason.. hehehe :PPP

catz said...

aku kat obersea jugak ni mimi..
mat kat philiphine niiiiiiiiiii!
plis consider me..
iskk..apesal lah baru nampak kontest nihhhhh..
alaaaaaaa.. the way..
dah pilih eh???
eh..ko nak buat entry tmpt makan siot tuh eh??
buat je laaaaaaa.....buat jgn tak buat. reveal sajok oke!

Mimi said...

Ish ish ish.. korg ni aku dh tutup baru bising dish! dish!

Next time la okie Catz?!

Aku mmg tgh mengarang citer restoran yg tak baper besh tu la hehehehe