Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Story of That Black and Pink Shoes

I purposely write up this story to cheer up our first working day after the long break. It might be a lil bit similar to Verde story (babe aku bukan plagiat ur story tau!) hehe.. But here goes my version........

I've been relying on flats pumps and anything flats these days. Its been that way ever since I was pregnant with Awisy and then I get use to the comfyness. I rarely put on heel unless on special ocassions like dinners and weddings (erk wedding selalu pakai flat gak actually, haha..). They are always comfy and kind to ur feet.

Unfortunately, my latest acquisition does not. It bites my fingers and the back of my heels, so bad that they start to blister even though I only wear it for 3 hours :( I didnt really realize how bad the blisters until we went to Pavi yesterday. Even though I ws wearing a different flat (u can see it if u squint at one of the Para-Para Sakura pichas). The blisters become so dem itchy especially when they rubs against the back of the shoes. Asyik tergaru-garu sepanjang jalan!

I feel so miserable that I told Papa I couldnt walk anymore. I need new pair of shoes a.s.a.p! Tapi taknak la simply beli kan? Rugi, coz I'm the type of person who wears a shoe until buruk.. Heheh. I have wedges on my mind, tak banyak la pulak yang menarik..

Until i stumbled on this blacky~ Love-love-love the structure, the height is just right for me (coz other wedges tinggi melampau, mcm platform), more importantly they look pretty on my feet.. Haha :D

Then I ws calling Papa for his opinion (dia tunggu kat luar ok! kejii.. takut sgt org suruh belanja :P) as I ws gesturing towards the blacky shelf my hand automatically grabbed this pinky ones.. Haha :D Oh my my my.. so delicate and pretty pretty and (i think) they look gorgeous on my feet!

Terus confuse, which one to buy? The black one is more practical for shopping and for the situation as I want to wear it right away, but the pink one is too sayang to let go, sure balik mimpi-mimpi.. hahaha..

So yesterday I came home with a smile from ear to ear with two new pair of shoes ;D


fabulous.farah said...

huhuhu..kalau suke nanti mimpi2 kan..baek beli terus

Mimi said...

exactly! nak-nak pulak bila u dtg balik nak beli dh sold out, mmg haru! hehehe :D