Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol Girls Night

I think tonight is much better than last week. Happen to be, I always watch the Girls Night but missed out the guys night.

In my opinion almost everyone performed wonderfully except 3 of them, Katie the cute girl (she sooo look like Siti Nurhaliza!), the 'corny' band singer who's not trying to be corny, and that black girl who sang the '..Smile' song. The top rank would be Crystal, she's like the female version of Adam Lambert :D In the sense of ppl are waiting (excitedly) to see what she's gonna do next.

Tomorrow gonna be Guys night and after this week elimination the top-12 will be revealed ;) Hope I'll be able to watch tomorrow's performance dat is if Awisy didnot hog the tv and watch phdc all day looooooooong!

p/s - who's going to the Meeska Mouska Party? nak cari geng! hehe

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Mas said...

really? Crystal is? I don't feel the same way.. :p