Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Biggest Loser Asia

Alaaaa Aaron did not win. He got 3rd place.

The ranking:

1st - David
2nd - Carlo
3rd - Aaron
4th - Martha

David lost 53% weight. Thats more than half of oiginal him. But dont u think he look a little too thin? Personally I dont think he look good, infact he look sick. But anyway he deserves it.. spent 8-10 hours a day working out. The hardwork paid off.

Carlo look really good! But then he didnt win coz his original weight wasnt that heavy as compared to David and Aaron. Still he got 2nd place.

Aaron bagged the 3rd place and as predicted Martha the 4th place.

Sekian night line...


PurPle said...

dah agak it'd be either david & carlo. yeap, david looks sick, like an old man. but from the way he worked out, i guess he really determine to win the USD100k. if i were his family, i'd push him to eat after this.

fabulous.farah said...

ala..lupe nak tengok..dah agak david menang. tapi suka carlo

AppleCrux said...

yeah i agree with you..david look kinda haggard and sick..i like carlo better and aaron pun dah nmpk slim.

Zuhaini said...

tq bebeh! saya tgk sampai dalam kul 11.30.. and then da x mampu nak stay up.. tapi sy vote for david n carlo. and yes, they both nampak so thin! macam tak percaya dulu pernah gemuk!

Mimi said...

Kan! David did not look good. Masa yg vclips 6 weeks b4 final tu mcm ok je.. Aku rasa dia mmg target nak menang sangat. Xkan family dia xperasan eh?

Carlo look soo cute n much younger!

Yups Aaron mmg nampak slim but I guess not slim enuff. Carlo n David nampak so thin. Aaron and Martha lebih kurang je.. hahaa

No prob.. weh hang tak sokong Aaron ke? haha :D Oooo sokong yang menang je yee ;)