Monday, March 1, 2010

In The Mood to Shop, But Bored of Shopping Complex?

Then head over to Kompleks Kraf at Jalan Conlay ;)

Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2010 is going on from 24 Feb to 24 Mac.

Of course my point of interest would be the Festival Kraf Kebangsaan at the Kompleks Kraf (24Feb to 8Mac). We (as in me and my colleague - u know who u are hehe) always keep ourselves tune for this event since 2007 or 2006. Since then, every year we'll follow our Puspanita trip to this festival. What for u asked?

Shopping for Batik! he he..

Its like heaven if ure looking for Batik, coz the whole clan from Terengganu, Kelantan, and even from other state like Kedah, Selangor etc will be there. Sure rambang mata punyalah! The best part is the price. Of course u need to bargain okay. Sometimes u can get cheap price as if ure actually shopping at Pasar Payang, heh. And the more u buy the more discount u can get. So go there with a bunch of friends (with the same interest of course!).

This year I went with Papa~ Coz he's looking for new baju batik. From Melaka straight to Jalan Conlay okay. Sanggup!

My suggestion is park at the specified parking area (just follow the signboard). Bit far frm the complex, but shuttle service (for free!) is provided. So no worries~ Thats our 'shuttle' ;)

Free parking ticket. Dont forget to get the stamp!

Marching towards the entrance

The banner, plus the opening hours

Diddah posing ;)
At the back are some of the tents ( i lost count how many, sorry!)
Oooh.. we're at the entrance of the batik tent (one of many!). I'm still wearing baju kurung from the Melaka wedding, haha
Papa trying out the size..

There're also lots of others beside batik, songket and such. Produk rotan like all those bakul, tudung saji, tikar, ukiran, anything cosidered craft under the sun (ops Malaysian craft product of course). Lots of tents, we didnt manage to explore everything coz we arrived quite late.

Rasa macam nak pergi lagi, tapi takut terbeli (lagi)... hehe.

So whatcha waiting for? Now u know where to head this weekend ;)


fabulous.farah said...

huhuhu..semangat..lama lagi. boleh pegi wiken ni

Mimi said...

Hahaha, kata shopaholic kan? sentiasa ada alasan utk shopping ;P