Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lets Learn How to Swim

Yups am in a middle of swimming lesson hehe :D I found these videos by Robert Bina and thought its really a good start. Especially when we're starting from zero. Especially when I want to teach my kiddos to swim after I successfull ;) According to Robert Bina, the lesson is divided into 5 sections; submerging, floating, kicking, arm movement, and breathing.

Here are the compilation of the videos.

1. Submerging

2. Floating

3. Kicking

4. Arm Movement

5. Breathing



fabulous.farah said...

wah..tq. i pon tengah nak belajar swim ni

Mimi said...

Farah.. no prob babe. Kalau u ade any info do share eh! Good luck to us!