Monday, March 22, 2010

Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse Dinner Party

The whole things start with an invitation...

I was seriously contemplating on going. In fact I think I was the last one who rsvp-ied my confirmation (sorry!).

Why the hesitation u ask?

Well mainly coz its quite far from my place plus the traffics and everything. Secondly, only me ws invited. Not hubby nor Awisy. Gonna be me all alone. Gees, I've never attended any blogger function before! So I'm all anxious and nervous (haha :D).

But then the invite is from PHDC, even the 'Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse Party' screams fun!fun!fun! which I'm pretty sure am gonna regret if I miss it. Plus I'm keeen to find out whats its all about. Finally after a lot of 'sugar coated pleas', managed to persuade Papa to be my driver ;) So I text in my confirmation.. hehe :D

The party starts at 7.30pm. Naturally I arrived a bit late, coz I only pushed off from Bangi at 730! Arrived around 830. Entered the Bijou Restaurant and immediately notice 'what a nice and comfy decor!' ;) The friendly waiter ushers me to the party section. Was greeted by on of the PHDC/In Deed people and finally gotta meet Sophia after a few emails (Nice Meeting U!).

The moment Sophia showed me my seat and introduce me to everyone else, I know that I'm in for a good time. On my sides are Lana of Lan0stzZ and Yus of It's Our Life!!. In front of me is Shila from Mrs.Kown, Hanz from Charm Chameleon Chatterbox and Jarieul from Disney Singapore.

I missed the appertiser but its okay, soup was just being served. It doesnt take very long after all of us are chatting like old friends. The similarity is quite obvious, just for a night we are actually allowed to be single again. Yet all the talks revolve around that little rascal we left at home, especially how they force us to watch PHDC 24-7! he he kidding :D

As the main course was served, our attention was grabbed by Mai from PHDC/Disney.

So true right? I can emphasize how much Awisy has learn just by letting him watch this 'his-dearly-beloved' channel :D In fact I've written about them a few times already. Check it out here. U'll see how his favourite program has evolved from Pocoyo to Thomas and Friends to Little Einstein... gosh i wont be able to stop if i have to start listing every one of it, hehe.

To me, the most noticable part would be communication skills and language. Being at home where our mother tounge is really Bahasa Melayu, Awisy has picked up a lot of English vocabs from his favourite shows. Imagine my surprise when one day as we climb upstairs he suddenly ran pass me into the bedroom and close the door. As I open the door he yells "SURPRISE MAMA!".. hahaha.. never taught him THAT!

Some of us squeals in delight as we see OUR favourite programs are listed here. While some other yells "Pocoyo!" or "Word World!".. hahaha :D Kudos to Mai who knows exactly how to handle a bunch of too devoted mummies and a daddy who used to have Fun package? hehe..

Finally its Sophia's turn and we were pleasantly surprised when she reveals that we gonna watch 2 new phdc promos with 2 well known celebrities. Special preview~ Wanna know who? stay tune on PHDC.. hehehehe :D

Meet my new friends.

Who is blogger without their camera eh? These are from the camwhoring session~ That middle one is supposed to be our funny shot hmmmm...

Such a fun crowd, the time fly really fast, its almost 1030pm already :( So I had to bid farewell to my new frens coz Papa is already waiting outside...

Anyway, I didnot comeback empty handed. The goodie bag is loaded with cool freebies,


Awisy testing out his new apron :D

Kudos to all In Deed and PHDC people for such a fun night! Thank you for having me~

Am looking forward for more in future *wink* :D


Anonymous said...

best jugak dpt join event mcm ni...mykids mmg suka la dgn PHDC..

Zuhaini said...

bagusnya ... :)

ai tak sempat reply email dia aritu... ahahah sabo je lah..

fabulous.farah said...

bestnya..i adalah orang tua yang suka PHDC

Hanz said...

Nice met u the other night.I baru upload only pictures mode...hehehe...