Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More 'Swimming' Photos

Location : Kolam Renang Kompleks Kejiranan Precint 16 Putrajaya
Fees : RM2 - Adult / RM1 - Kids per session

Operating Hours:
Session 1 : 9am – 11am
Session 2 : 1pm – 3pm
Session 3 : 5pm – 7pm
Session 4 : 8pm – 10pm

* Dont bother coming outside opening hours coz the pool will be locked

Minum-minum while waiting for the pool to open

Awisy reckless sbb xsabar-sabar

Yeay! Terjun time!!

My swimming scarf yg membulatkan muka ku..

Nicely maintain, clean pool and environment.. Cantik kan~

Awisy paddling while Mama sorok pipi tembam belakang Awisy.. he he

Slides.. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Dengan floatie nye, dengan paddling board lagi..

The kiddy pool is empty since its weekday.. On weekend its quite pack!

Fooling around~

Me, Diddah and Awisy hang around the kiddos pool. Mind u the kids pool is flat 0.9m.. Deep enuff for us who're still learning to swim, heheh..

Awisy really enjoy himself. The moment we place him inside the floatie he happily paddle himself, humming tunes lagi okay "Lalalala.. Lalalala".. Heheh. So Mama and Didah take turns to practise. Up to now we have mastered the kicking level. Arm movement lom buat lagi. This Friday is the official swimming class, hehehe.

U know what? I think I've found the cure to Awisy sleeping problem. He'll nap the moment i bath and changed his clothes and even with the 2 hours nap, he slept early at night! Yay~ Which proves he has too much unused energy stored in his little reactor, heheh..

Tapi today break 1 day, bg Awisy rest coz he's feverish..



honeylanz said...

mimi, dah pandai swim gaya apa? kuak kupu² ke? suka awish dapat swim...

Mimi said...

Haha maluuu.. belum ada apa2 gaya, baru pandai floating and kicking. Hope by this week or latest next week dah master the skill ;)

Mynie said...

dal lama niat nak gi pool presinct 16 tu tapi belum ter'pergi' lagi.. cantik kat dlm tu (belum pernah tengok dr dlm, dr luar pernah). how come takde orang? pergi masa weekday ye? bestnya... (jeles!)

azzamoro said...

bestnyer... nanti nak try pi aaa..

Mimi said...

Yups cantik and well maintain I'd say.. Haah I pergi weekday, kalau tak jgn harap! Haha :D

Mmg besh! Dtg la.. tp baik2 tau, tepi2 kolam tu licin..