Wednesday, March 31, 2010

of Fever, Messy House, and Late Lunch

Today gonna be my last course of antibiotics. Yeay Me! for being discipline enough to complte the whole 10-pills-twice-a-day routine. I'm still recovering though. Yesterday I woke-up with heavy head and warm body I started to worry what if this is not a normal fever? But come evening I start to feel my self again and today, woke up with normal body temperature, Alhamdulillah :D

Little chicky is staying here at home with me. Whenever I decided to just work at home he'll stay with me as well coz he'll simply refuses to go with Papa to Aunty Babysitter BIG TIME while I couldnt be bothered to bersiap-siap and go out just to drop him there. M.A.L.A.S. Although that would mean little fights exploding throughout the day between me and him, in fact sometimes Big Fights. I even start to question "How could someone so cute can be so annoying??" He he..

He loves to throw stuffs around the house to top up the messiness that I havent even summoned enough courage to tidy yet. Get it? Let it be books, toys, yang paling annoying ialah food. Sobs :( To avoid being Dragon, spitting fire all day, I just close my eyes and let him.. and start tidying everything up while he naps.. eventhough I know that everything will be upside down again once he opens his cute-big-eyes.

I have another easy recipe to share, maybe later this evening or tomorrow.. hehe :D Right now am actually just finish cooking our lunch.. Late lunch to be exact. Masak sendiri bukan sebab rajin tapi sebab malas nak keluar :D

Nasi lembik - Ikan goreng - Ikan goreng + sweet sour gravy

Bon Appetit!


fabulous.farah said...

sakit pon masak masih meriah! bagus2=)

Mimi said...

manade sakit dah.. dah baik! hehehee :D