Monday, March 29, 2010

Resepi Bergambar Egg Benedict (Easy Peasy!)

Okay, I got this recipe from, save it on my phone so do search for the recipe for the original version ;) This is my first attemp.

Ingredients & Preparation:

Bread - Egg - Butter - Salt - Pepper (Dats it!)

Remove the brown edges of the bread

Spread the butter generously and evenly ;) Then sprinkle with some black pepper

Butter ur muffin pan

Stuff the bread into the muffin pan (1 bread each)..

Break ur egg on top of the bread.. Then sprinkle with more pepper and lil bit of salt (be careful dont put too much salt!)

Into the oven, 180 degree celcius 15-20 mins or until the yolk is 1/2 or 3/4 cooked (suite to ur preference)


Close-up ;)

I enjoyed mine by drizzling some soy sauce on top and eat it with chilli sauce~

My Verdict:
The bread is crunchy at the edges, soft at the middle. I need the chilli sauce to tone down the strong egg-gy taste. Maybe I should use the normal egg instead of Omega Plus egg. Next time gonna tweak the recipe a lil bit and maybe add some herbs. Suitable for breakfast :D

Happy trying~


Blubewwy said...

looks yummy!! nak buat jugaklah! thanks for sharing!

MN said...

hehe! i terus teringat cafe world FB! :D

Mimi said...

Ure welcome :D Like I said, the eggy taste might be a tad too strong for some people. SO kene adjust2 sendiri la nnt yek. Good Luck!

Hihihii :D U mmg Chef Cafe World sejati!

fabulous.farah said...

simple..boleh try.husband suka makan 'puturendek' telo separuh masak..

Mas said...

i think too eggy.. i can imagine how strong the egg will be tasted... anyway.. great simple recipe.

Anonymous said...

sama dgn MN..teringat kt cafe world... pasni leh try ni


fab !

will try this weekend definetely.

Mimi said...

Cuba jgn tak cuba! :D

Hahaha, tapi kalau dh lapar jalan je!

U sure dh level tinggi ni kan? Cafe world ;)

Good luck babe!!

Akak Ratu said...

wahhh looks delicious... akak will definitely try to do it... tak mlm ni pun esok... ngeee... thanks dear for sharing the recipe ;-)

Mimi said...

Sis Ratu
Ure welcome.. Mintak2 sedap! Try la letak herbs sket akak. Basil ke.. Pastu kite rasa kalau kacau dulu telurtu pun maybe okay. Kene try and error. Kite pun baru 1st attemp. Hehe :D