Thursday, March 18, 2010

Road Block

Writers block is more like it. I have so much to talk about. Yet when I stare at my monitor, fingers ready on the keyboard, my mind goes *blank*. So lets do what I always do whenever this symptom hits; just list out whatever I have in my mind at this very moment.

The Short Vacation

We just got back frm PD yesterday. Me, Papa, Awisy, Atuk, Awe, and Diddah. Good hotel, reasonable price, but one night is definitely to short leaving us wanting for more. More stories (i promise) later. Coz my camera is upstairs and I'm too lazy to climb up and down the stairs.


Yups, yesterday. Awisy, not me. Hehh. Gross? Then please stop reading. I saw him hiding at the corners (which he usually does when he's doing his business) but when I checked nope the diaper is clean. Finally after a few attemps at several 'hiding' areas he cried to me "Mamaaaaaa.. Aisy yak.." pulling my hand to the toilet. I checked his diaper again and its still clean. Then I saw that his legs are shaking and I realize, Awisy sembelit! Hence the cheerleading began, me and Papa together with him in the toilet, Atuk and Awe on the phone. Hehe :D We feel like cheering, nope, we actually cheers when the stools came out. The crying suddenly stopped and in his small cheerful voice "Dah!". Legaaaa..


Awisy is very very very clingy right now. I'm half flattered and half annoyed. Hard for me to get things done especially when he cries every 30 seconds calling "Mammmmaaaaaaaa! Mammmmmmaaaaaa!".....


One whole semester is coming to end and I start questioning myself, what have I accomplish? Nothing much. Maybe I achieve my milestones but I believe that I should and could have done better. Honeymoon sangat! A bit struggle with my programming and stuffs, not in the mood to write about it.


Ke Laut!


On-hold. Just for a mo due to the red-zone. Besides I think I'm getting too tan and so does Awisy. Will let my skin recover while the red-zone is over, just chill at home and do my research work (I hope).


Mynie said...

thanks for the batik cantik! :)

Mimi said...

Ure most welcome~ Glad u like it! So buat baju apa? hehehehee

Anonymous said...

diet has sudah ke laut dan tenggelam..sob..sob