Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shopping for a White Bag

It was Thursday night when I suddenly convinced myself that I 'NEED' a white handbag. A small/medium size white bag to be exact, coz I already own a big ones. Its like an epiphany that hit me - a white bag will complete my outfit that I'm gonna wear to 2 weddings on Saturday.

Which mean I only have ONE day left which is Friday.

It was already 9++pm which rules out shopping, or is it? Hehe :D Nope, there's always online shopping! So I browse from 1 shop to another until I was dizzy with all the selections. Seriously dizzy, he he. Plus I'm not sure that they can deliver the bag on time. Finally I stop by Alicewonders shop and my eyes was captured by one bag. Its white, the size is just right, and the price is reasonable~ Plus they mentioned that '1' day delivery is possible (yay!). So a few clicks after I happily paid for the bag and email the proof of payment with one additional request..

'p/s - if possible please deliver on thursday/friday coz i'd like to wear this bag on saturday.'

*ok silly me coz actually at dat time i was mistakenly thought that it's wednesday night, heheh

On Friday, Alice replied..

" Hi,

Thank you for shopping with us!

Payment received! We can have it sent out today, however u might receive the item only on Monday as the courier company does not work make deliveries on Saturdays. Would that be okay?

Madly yours,

I remembered thinking there goes my perfect outfit. A little bit frustrated, but I understand their situation so I tot, naymind I can always wear other bags. So I wrote back..

" Hi

No chance of getting the bag delivered today eh? :D
Its okay then..


Just testing my luck...

Guess who came knocking our door this morning?
U can imagine my delight when I see a courier van parked in front of our house~

The much awaited box


Ooooh exactly how i imagine it would be. The size is also just right~ It is heart shaped quilted unlike all the other 'Chanel inspired' quilted bags, hehe..

Lurvee the Love charm

I got this handbag holder as complimentary gift, yay! Very useful~

Hehe semangat okay.. Apelagi terus pakai & melaram (dats gonna be tomorrow story) :D

So if ure looking for a bag head over to Alicewonders ;) Excellent & efficient service so I dont hesitate to recommend them. Just sharing my experience, not dat they're paying me or anything okay ;)

I predict I'm gonna have a peaceful sleep tonite ;)

**Do u know that currently i'm bit piss off with MBMJ with their service. I emailed them complaining about the quality of my bag complete with snapshots and the only reply is please send the bag to their center in US so they can repair it. Do they expect me to pay for the shipping cost and everything? I wrote back to them and still waiting for reply. Anyone experienced the same thing? So daripada sakit hati baik beli bag murah yang kualiti much much better plus kalau rosak pun tak la sakit hati sangat. Hmmmm...


Akak Ratu said...

nice catch ;-)... akak alwiz like hbag yg talinya gitu... gorjes jer kan

fabulous.farah said...

huhu..pernah beli bag situ jugak service tiptop kan?

Mimi said...

Sis Ratu..
Thanx akak! tu laa tali tu mcm instant glam gitu.. hahahaha

Yups! bagus~ bole beli lagi next time ;)

Mimi said...

Sis Ratu..
Thanx akak! tu laa tali tu mcm instant glam gitu.. hahahaha

Yups! bagus~ bole beli lagi next time ;)