Monday, March 29, 2010

Sore Throat Home Remedy (It Works and Delicious Too!)

Been down with fever for a couple of days. On Friday nite I couldnt bear it anymore (especially the aching throat and throbbing headache), so requested Papa to bring me to the clinnics. Doc prescribed sooo many meds, I end up paying RM65! The meds did help me to feel so much better except Diflam which supposed to lessen the pain of my sorethroat. In fact it kinda amplified it 3 times more!

On Saturday we went out to watch "How to Train Ur Dragon". The dragon is sooooooo cute I want! I want! Toothless reminds me of Stitch especially his smile ;) Anyway, afterwards went to buy some groceries plus some oranges for my sore throat home made remedy. Not really mine actually, originates frm my dad but his version is Sunquick+Honey+warm water = drink all day long.

Its sooo easy, just sliced the orange and drizzle with a LOT of pure honey. As ure eating the orange make sure u dip it into the remaining honey on the plate. It works for me and also Papa. Awisy love it coz its delicious :D Soothes the pain immediately!

But to really get rid of the cough still had to take the prescribed cough syrup.. In my case its 'Bena Expectorant' or something similar. Taste yucky but really helped to make my sleep much much better.

Do try it! Hope it works for u guys too ;)

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