Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tak Berapa Nak Cuti

Today i decide to stay at home. Let my body relax. Coz last nite the pain still lingers on my neck (?) plus out of sudden i hd stomach ache. Kembung.. Colic mcm awisy kecil2 haha. So today i'll me body recover else tonite sakit lain pulak yg dtg, hehh.

Hmmm tp kan bole ke relax with little king also at home with me? *bonus question*

At 9am he woke up and asked me to cuddle him..

"nak peluk.. Nak peluk.."

So I did but then I asked..

"awisy pi skool tak harini?"

"taknak skool.. Awisy dh sudah skool"

Dah 'sudah' skool? Hmmmm...
So i cuddle him and he cuddles me and he happily falls asleep till now. He just wake up again, now drinking his milk.

Guess the vacation is over..

P/s - asyehhh papa for nursing me last nite :D


fabulous.farah said...

huhuhu..awisy dah sudah school. tayah amik spm terus masuk u

Mimi said...

hahaha i wish bole sesimple itu! ;)