Sunday, April 25, 2010

Appeton Lysine to Improve Ur Kids Appetite?

First of all, I'm writing solely based on my experience ;)

In my opinion, it does work. The very first time we feed multivitamin+lysine (if i remembered correctly it was not Appeton, but Vidaylin) we were very confuse at first at how famished Awisy was since he kept asking for food/milk for the whole day! At first it didnt click (being the absent-minded parents huhu), siap confuse-confuse apsal Awisy lapar semacam nieh? Hehe.. Only at night we put two and two together and marvel at the effect of that 1 tablet. It was the perfect time too, as Awisy has started being picky eater and sometimes he solely reply on milk coz he simply didnt interested with whats served on the table!

So from that day on I continue the routine, a table a day. We kept switching the brands actually, sometimes Vidaylin, sometimes Appeton, even sometimes without the lysine. He loves it, kept asking for it if we forgot, in fact most of the time he tries to persuade us for more than one tablet, which of course denied coz 1 is the prescribed dosage for his age :D

The current one: Appeton Multivitamin with Lysine


1-3 yo : 1 tablet daily!

Breakfast served!

Happy eater~

The verdict?

Personally i think it does help in boosting his appetite. Well right now its not like the first time where he kept asking for food 24-7. But I can see that he is more interested in foods and he can eat quite a lot! He is one active kiddo that refuse to keep still even for 1 second, so I'm not worried about obesity or what not :D But we can definitely see the effect especially on days that we didnot/forget to give him his 'bibat' vice versa..

Have u try this? Whats ur verdict?


Diana Sulaiman said...

As 4 me, I bg same vitamin jugak appeton.. Afiq sgt la makan dengan kuatnya.. Sket2 makan.. Selera makin bertambah..:)

fabulous.farah said...

awisy tertipu~

setakat ni sedara mara saya takde masalah kurang makan. masalah lebih makan ade=p

so takde pulak yang nampak makan ni..

xpe.kalo nampak agak2 nak obes tu berenti je la kan..

suryati said...

i've use this for micah as well, his paed suruh becoz pakcik kecik ni memilih n cerewet mkn, sebab tu kurus keding jer. the main thing about this not so much to get him eating, but the multivitamin tuh... even now we all dah tak guna Appeton, but we gave him other type of multivitamin, but Alhamdullilah masih ada selera jugak

Mimi said...

Wow, looks like its really works for Afiq *clap*.. Besh kan tgk dorg selera makan?! Masak penat2 pun xpe, rasa berbaloi ;)

Hehe, kalau selera dh ok tu xyah la nak bagi lagi babe. Certain kids mmg x interested dgn food, tu yg nak kene tolong boost dia appetite w supplements.

Yups, totally agree! Kitorg pun sometimes bg yg xde lysine. Actually takde la loyal sgt ngan this brand, hehe.. Beli yg mana nampak mcm besh.. Yg penting dorg sihat dan kuat! kan?! :D

Anonymous said...

ac yea. kurang selera makan. adik dia tak. nak makan aja.. tp 2-2 mmg hantu vit.C. samapai kn sorok la...

Mimi said...

Tu la kalau ternampak je botol nak kan?? kadang2 sampai mengangis2. I letak kat dlm fridge atas sekali, belakang2 sket.. hehe :D