Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bringing My Toddler to The Cinema

Even now I'm still not sure how I've braved myself bringing Awisy along to watch movie in a cinema for the first time. Because he is one active AND restless toddler. I remembered the first movie that we watched together, of course I chosed an animation movie, it was "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball". To my delightful surprise, he behaved exceptionally well. In fact he was really transfixed by the big screen, he hardly moved! He was eeriely still the whole time except for munching pop-corns and few sips of soft drinks (oopps!).

The second one, I totally forgotten the title. It was also an animation movie, something with an austronaut who falls into another world. We ws a big late and the moment we entered the was somekind of explosion action going-on the screen. He screams and yells "TAKUUUTTTT!!! Jom BALIKKKKKKK" hehe :D But then we managed to distract him with that dog-like robot character and we survived till the end. I think our worst experience was while watching 'Tooth-Fairy' (the one with Dwayne The Rock). The movie itself was quite boring, not much action going on so Awisy was really bored! He starts climbing the seat, talking to me LOUDLY and even starts to run along the aile expecting us to chase him in the dark. Pffttt!

Just last week we went to watch 'How to Train Your Dragon'.. Man I think by now he's already 'immuned' or used to the cinema. He's no longer transfixed by the big screen, nor afraid of the dark. He only pays attention when there's dragon on the screen. Starts to climb the seats when there're only human character on the screen, talking out loud to me and Papa, and even tried to break free from us to run down the stairs. One moment Papa had to bring him outside for a while coz he was making so much noise, people starts to turn their head to us.. huhuhuhuuuuuu.. I think I only managed to enjoy 50% of the movie.

Anyway the pop-corns really helps but I need more tips I guess.. Tips anyone?

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Anonymous said...

has x berani nk bwk ery msk cinema lagi... awisy cool aja ;)