Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cheap Perfume That I Laike~

The Silky Girl range.

At first I bought this perfume just for fun, coz they're really cheap. Like nothing more than 20 ringgit if i'm not mistaken. Its Eau de Toilette, so the fragrance is not that intense, infact very light, suitable for 'at-home' use. U know, when ure just chilling at home but still want to smell good.. Thats my plan anyway ;)

But now I'm quite hook. I actually love it more than my giorgio armani 'diamonds'. Maybe its my nose, coz intense fragrant tends make me sneeze, and having it stuck to me all day long is completely disturbing and I would be very subconcious especially when somebody else around me sneeze. Haha.

Mine is 'Funky' - its sweet and floral, according to me.. heheh


p/s - minyak atar yg kat background tu pun besh!! Atuk, Awe & Diddah beli masa pegi umrah ;)

p/p/s - my all-time fave perfume was Sensi, also by GA. Sadly its been discontinued, hence i'm still searching for replacement until now. My next favourite would be Black Code, also GA.. hehehe :D


fabulous.farah said...

suka la bekas dia..i suka bau GA diamonds..

Mimi said...

U suke ek? Nak beli mine? Will let go cheap.. Buzz me if interested. Heeee :D