Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Check Out Discounted Ted Baker London Handbags at Posh-Delicious!!

Delicious indeed! If only I'm not in my fasting mode, he he :D
These bags are brought 'live' by my darling Dr Naza in London. Please deal direct to her okie.. Kalau email through me takut melepas pulak.

Btw, here are some of my picks :)

Silver Shoulder Hobo Bag - RM200 (retails at GBP159)

Floral Satin Clutch - RM140 (retails at GBP89)

Ted Baker Fabric Shoulder Bag - RM180

Blue Metallic Hobo Bag (Medium) - RM200

My Favourite...

Brown Leather Shoulder Bag (Small) - RM250

Ada lagi yg stylo like dat Blue Black Metallic/Glossy Effect Shoulder Bag..
*licking my lips*

Interested? Check out the full selection at http://posh-delicious.blogspot.com

Grab it before it gone~


Anonymous said...

lawa2 nye mimi. mujur has tgh pose shopping. modal abis dah ;)

Hanz said...

Mimi..early month baru jer beli handbag...sugguh shanteks tapi duit tarak! ekekekek

Mimi said...

Habis modal dah? sure shopping sakan haritu! xpe hujung bulan ni ade la modal balik.. hahaha :D

Hehe, xpe babe.. cuci mata je. window shopping pun best what ;)