Monday, April 12, 2010

Cute Make-Up Stuffs I Like~

I'm a sucker for anything cute, especially cute stuffs like these :D

How cute! Check out my new nail filer :D Its Elly!

This is Bloom make-up travel palette. In Natural. I love how its stacked together and very compact in size. So easy to stuff inside my handbag ;)

Nice colours. I like it ;)

Another travel kit. But this is brushes. Not that i bring brushes when i went out, but this will be convinient when i'm gonna travel light.

There're 7 brushes all together, the quality is quite nice. Well good enuff for make-up beginners like me, hahaha :D

Now, I need new foundation. I'm thinking to switch to something new, previouly i've used estee lauder, m.a.c., and averine. My current one is depleting to the last drop. Any good recommendation? I heard Bobbi Brown and Dior are good. Is it?

Happy Monday!


fabulous.farah said...

wah.menarik die punya brush..senang sikit nak dibawa berjalan.tak kotor nanti

Anonymous said...

yela..suka dgn brushes set tu...

Mimi said...

Kan! very convinient. Tu yg terpikat tu. Dah la comel :D

Hehe.. 1 set tu tak sampai harga 1 brush m.a.c. Wakakakakaka :D