Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dizzy Spell

Ok, my actual intention is to share bawal sweet sour recipe. But something wrong with the network connection, everytime i tried to upload photos it went no connection bla bla bla.. After several attemps I give up. 2 attemps actually. Maybe its just not meant to be for today, he he..

I'm feeling a little bit dizzy right now. Not sure why. Just arrived at my lab 10 mins ago ;) Taking my own sweet time to wake up, get ready, out for lunch, drop little rascal at babysitter, finally to lab hehe :D Plan to do some reading and writing (hopefully) today. No programming whatsoever. Also plan to join my sv discussion with his staffs, well actually is the-other-way-around. His staffs unofficially invited me to join their discussion with my supervisor. Majority of the students here are guys and pak arab (i think i'm the only malaysian). So here i am waiting for 3 oclock.

Why la i feel so tired and dizzy? I need a caffein boost. Kan best kalau starbucks dekat.

Hot Caramel Latte - Grande please!

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