Thursday, April 22, 2010

Easy Omelette Recipe for Lazy Mommy (Warning: Tons of Pichas)

As I'm wrecking my brain studying other people literatures *cough* for my literature review *cough*, I realize that its already 1++pm. Papa wont be coming home for lunch and yet I havent prepare any lunch for my dearly beloved.

Yikes! !!

Havent the slightest idea what to cook, fridge is almost empty (mental note:grocery shopping tonite), too lazy to cook rice, too lazy to eat out. If its just me, I'll be happy with a bowl of mee megi but I cant afford that for that little toddler.

*Eureka moment: Yes! Omelette! I'll cook omelette.

**Open freezer: Good there're 3 prawns left. Good thing I didnt finish them that last time.

So Omelette it is~

Whacked 3 eggs together with a lil bit of water, thinly diced onions (otherwise little tods will pick it out, must think sneaky-ly when dealing with ones), salt and pepper.

Prawns are also sliced thinly but instead of mixing them together i evenly spread them onto the mixture in the pan, so that they'll be evenly spread (go figure!). Yeah so melt some butter and pour the mixture in. (I divide it to 2 portions).

As it is about half cooked, fold the omelette (as shown), leave for a while and then flip over coz I want the prawn bits to be properly cooked.

Yeay done! No prize guessing which plate belong to ;P Awisy love ketchup, so I serve his ones with tomato ketchup. Mine as always. FYI his portion is actually bigger than mine ;)

Nyum Nyum Nyummm

Halfway through

Heheh :D

Some vitamin c and fibres for dessert ;)

I love watching him eating!
***BUT hate it when he starts toying and playing with the foods i.e. squeezing or THROWING them around, thats when i'll start to yell

Apple juice for him


Its really worth that 10 mins effort right?
And guess what?

Tidur kekenyangan!

Yeay, aman sikit dunia at least for 2 hours.. Hahahaha >:D

Enjoy ur Friday~

p/s - someone ask me how to boost our kids appetite. Hmm.. am not an expert. Sometimes our (me and Papa) tactics works but other times it fails miserably... Awisy is also a picky eater. Insyallah I'll write an entry about it soon okie! Perhaps today or tomorrow~


AppleCrux said...

definitely my choice too.lagi best kalo my son leh mkn..sadly he's allergic to eggs and prawns..kalo ikut appetite dia, mmg dia suka..

fabulous.farah said...

huhu..comei jer awisy tido mcm tu

mommysarah said...

ya Allah mimi...bestnya awisy mcm tu. senang giler nak tido. my kids selagi tak di "popok" selagik tu lah active...kalau siang tu, tak pernahlah tido "rela" semuanya paksaan belaka...

Anonymous said...

nnt nk try utk ery gak la... tp ery selalu mintak..mama, nasik..nasik..even br lps mkn bihun grg ke...

Mimi said...

Alaaa siannye ur son. Looks like u have to look for other alt la kan? Maybe bread? I love sandwich too but Awisy kalau bagi sandwich dia makan inti je.. heee :)

LOL memang! I yg tgh snap gambar pun gelak2 :D But this is not the frist time jd camtu tau, hehe.

Hmm.. ikut time gak babe. Kalau dia x betul2 penat jgn harap aa dia tido! Siap lawan2 mata lagi. Taktik dia kejut bgn pagi awal, lunch bg makan kenyang2 then bukak CD/chanel favourite dia.. masa tgh layan tu Insyallah tertido! hehe :D

Tryla! Mana tau jadi ;) Nampaknya Ery tekak melayu, cemana pun nak nasi gak kan? :D

catz said...

wah..boleh tidur kekenyangan gitu.
aku ni sellau je mkn omelete, tapi bukan buat sendiri. kat hotel time bekpes. and every time mkn akan ckp, oh nak buat kat rumahlah sebab kan derang buat depan aku kan. so nampak camanalah sngnya and mengenyangkan. tapi sampai hari ni..nan ado nya aku nak try. tapi tgk entry ko ni kan..aku tiba2 dapat hidayah lah..
ok..nak pi beli telur.
err..jom ke ke.

Mimi said...

Haha, jom diet yg haku tak laratttttt tu! Adeh kita ni mmg fail la bab2 diet ni.. Nampak food sedap je kat blog hang nak try, nak buat cemano? Nnt buat omelette bole la jemput dtg umah! hihi..