Friday, April 23, 2010

Groceries Stuffed into 1 Bag

Hehe perasan tak my last entry semalam I wrote "Happy Friday"?? I actually tot yesterday was Friday LOL. This morning I'm planning to have short discussion with my supervisor, we'll see ;) Heee.. actually this is autopublish, right now as I'm drafting this entry its 1130pm Thursday.

Just got back frm our grocery shopping. Demn, totally forgotten about the no plastic bag day, kene beli lagi that measly rm1.50 green bag. We have like so many now, maybe 10? 2 dah jadi swimming bag, the rest? Scattered around the house, but NONE in the car. Bleurghhhh! So we bought only 1 bag, try the hardest to stuff everything inside that, of couse we cant. Haha :D Seb baik x banyak sgt beli barang..

So remember guys, if u gonna shop tomorrow! Its also no plastic bag day right? Although some shop just simply ignore it, hangat-hangat taik ayam!

Enjoy the pichas..

Had our dinner at Kenny

Tickly Awisy :D

I love buying veges at cold storage but i HATE their fruit selection. Even the locals or ordinary ones like apples are damn EXPENSIVE! Benci. Tapi beli jugak sebab malas nak pi tempat lain, kalau x xde fruits stock pulak. The usual fruits that i bought are oranges, pear (yg ni okla price dia 6.99 per kg but ikut time), kiwi (expensive but i'm just in love with them!), and sometimes apples.. cukupla for a week or 2. Pasar malam lagi heaven!

JOm Papa pi Pasar Malam esok!!


Anonymous said...

kalu pergi pasar malam suka re-stock fruits..sbb murah tp sakit tgn bwk...

Mimi said...

Haha ya Allah sejibun cam i.. beli byk2 pastu sakit tangan nak bawak plastik berat2! :D

fabulous.farah said...

hehe..kalau buah suka beli kat carrefour lagi murah dr pasar malam kat rumah saya ni..buah penting kat umah ni sebab hari-hari buat shake ngan buah..

g cold storage biasanya nak beli bahan untuk western food jer..sebab lagi banyak pilihan.

Mimi said...

wh? kat pasar malam bangi ni fruits selection heaven giler! hehe.. tinggal rajin ke tak nak berjalan through the crowds and nak mencari parking!