Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Brown Eyeshadow Look

Somebody emailed me and ask how do i apply those make-up from this entry.


Let me clarify this first. I dont really wear make-up, only do when I feel like it. Hehe.. which is usually on weekend during outing/wedding. On weekdays I only slap on my sunscreen and foundation. Lipstick if i remember or happen to have one in my handbag when i feel like applying one. Only if i'm extra 'rajin' or something, I'll put on eyeshadow and maskara.
Well for one thing I work in a lab, and for another I always rubs my eyes (which is a bad-bad habit, i know) unconciously. To avoid 'panda eyes' accident (did happen before), i'm better of eye make-up free, haha :D

Anyway, I'm feeling rajin today. So here it is...

Basically I just pat the middle tone on my lids towards my creases, and then the darkest tone on the outer corner lids, blending them along the crease. Geddit? Owh, and I only use my fingers. No brush watsoever ;)

Hehe, no full face photo. Coz I havent wear the blusher frm that palette yet and the lipstick is too dark/intense for me. But I do like the gloss.

Hope ure satisfied! (U know who u are). Sorry for taking so long to respond ya!


p/s - will attached the palette photo later. For the meantime, refer to the link ya~

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