Thursday, April 8, 2010

of TV, Musics, and such..

Sorry I've been neglecting this personal space of mine lately. Even my few latest entries were not really a proper entries. *Cough*. I've been trying to do some writing, err Thesis writing. Although research wise I'm not even halfway yet. But decided to take a break for a week or two and really concentrate on the thesis. So far, not so good. *Cough*. Most of the time I found myself wandering over youtubes watching make-up tutorials or vclips. Bad bad bad.. Need to shutdown wi-fi line asap!

of American Idol

Anyway, I just finish watching re-run of AI just now. Although I did watched the encore i.e. 'not-so-Live' ones last nite. So go figure there's so 'much' progress on my thesis. Maybe i need to shutdown my Astro as well? hmmm... Anyway (he he) my favourite so far would be Goldilocks Casey, Smiley Tim, and Mama Crystal ;) That is in particular order. But last nite was a good night, almost everyone delivered good performance, agree? Maybe its because Lennon/Mc Cartney night. I'm not sure wether i'm in love with Siobhan performance 'Across the Universe' because i think it resembles Fiona Apple's and Fiona sound sooo much better.

I remembered being introduced to Fiona Apple years back by this Minah and her song became regulars on my fav playlist back in Uni. That was 7-8 years ago, Wow! Check it out, Across the Universe by Fiona Apple...

While ure at it, also check this one out ;)

of Akademi Fantasia

I'm not a big fan of AF (boohoooo me, hehe). But every year I was 'forced' to watch all their concerts and diaries by either Papa or Diddah harharhar. So every year I will have my own favourite contestants, although my contestants never made '1st place' ha ha ha. From AF2 it was Adam, Felix, Amelia, Farhan, Heliza, Nubhan, and none in AF7. But I have to confess while everyone keeps muttering AF8 is the dull-est AF ever, I on the other hands love watching their diaries especially Que Haidar's class. Kinda different from other Drama class from previous Afs dontchathink so?

Or is it just me coz I can never get pass Que's Wajib Tayang character in Papadom. Make me wanna laugh everytime I see his face :D And I think Shahir resembles my brother's face, si Mamad.. Although Nubhan resembles him more plus he was frm nogori.. he he :D In fact thats why I favour Nubhan on the first place, coz he resembles my brother!

Okielah, dah panjang membebel dan Awisy telah menyepahkan 1 rumah dengan jayanya. Nak pergi menyinga sekejap.


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