Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Open Pores oh Open Pores

Gosh I hate my open pores. It makes my make-up uneven and blotchy. Any of u can recommend me good products to solve the problem or at least good foundation to cover it? I know its like a universal unsolve problem, but doesnt hurt to take a shot and ask ey?

Or maybe good mask to minimise its appearance? Home made mask perhaps?

Thanks a bunch!


farra said...

salam ziarah..
akk, last time, i had open pores jgak.
but last 2 weeks, i started that clinique 1-2-3 step tu..
and alhamdulillah, it worked out for me. yeay!
erm, their consultants pon very2 friendly compared to those in sk2.. hehe..
first the'd examine your skin, then they would customise the 1-2-3 step according to your skin problems, along with the simple, easy to understand explanation..
go chck it out~

BabyBooned said...

dah lama tak visit this blog, so byk to read.

well, i've had some problems with open pores but it's improved since i started goin to a dermatologist every month. forget those beauticians. go to a real medical doctor specialising in skin. seriously!

Mimi said...

Hi Farra..
Thanks for ur informative comment! I personally have never try any clinique skincare before, although i hv a few of their make-up/cosmetics. Thanks! Will surely check-out their counter soon ;)

Hehe welcome back ;) Can u recommend me which dermatologist? So that means its gonna involve some oral meds right? I've been to skin specialist years back when i hv acne problem, but never tot to do so with this open pores problem coz its not as serious. Or is it? hmmmmmm...