Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saya Menang 5 RiBu!

Yesterday, late afternoon I received a call. On my screen..

*Private No.*

Papa was around. Guessing that it might be some insurance or card promotion calls I asked him to pick it up for me. So Papa did.. Surprisingly the chat went on quite a while with Papa sounding like a lion, hehe. U know? Suara garang macam nak makan orang. I ws getting soo curious. Why didnt Papa pass the call to me?

Apparently its from Celcom.

"Tahniah Encik menang cabutan bertuah tempat ketiga, lima ribu ringgit!"

Suspicious right?

"Blablablabla bla blaahhh... Adakah En. mempunyai kad maybank?"

Papa answered "No!"

And the caller immediately hung-up the phone. OMG right?!! If Papa hd answered 'yes', we can predict that the caller will proceed to ask him to read-out the card number to 'validate' or 'authenticate' the process. SCAM! SCAM! I mean, obviously he/she dont even know whos the owner coz apparently Papa is the lucky winner instead of me, whos the hp no. owner.


But I do heard some sophisticated ones that have ur detail at hands. So they might be able to mention ur name, IC number and so on. Do not fall into their tricks.

So be careful everyone!


fabulous.farah said...

bahaya betul..

Mimi said...

yups.. be careful jgn sampai tertipu!