Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shower Me With Your Love

My baby my love~

I always get melancholic when I met newborn babies. It reminds me of that time when Awisy is a little baby, totally dependent on me, so debab and cuddle and always ready to be hugged. I miss some of those moment (not all of it, heh).

But I love this moment too. This moment, this time, right now :)

Awisy smile :)

Awisy sad :(

Awisy big smile!


Smooch (see?!! he's trying to get away already)

Tinggal laa mama snapping alone ;)



catz said...

wah..muka mama sangat glowing-glowing.
paakai produk apa eh..

Mimi said...

erkkk glowing dlm gambar je kot.. hasil 'blooming' effect! hahaha :D reality nya? jawab sendiri.. ehehehe