Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cleansing Oil - Which is Ur Pick? mac vs dermalogica vs shu uemura

The first time I was introduced to cleansing oil, there is no turning back. I love the convinient of not using cotton pad (I hate cotton pad btw). U know the conventional make-up remover? U soak the cotton pad with the solution then wipe it all over ur face.

With cleansing oil u just pump a few pumps on ur DRY palm, massage it onto ur DRY face. U can literally see ur make-up and all the oil melt from ur face. Then u wet ur palm and massage ur face again and watch the oil emulsify to a white drippy thing and then simply rinse off. The best thing (at least to me) is how u feel after that.. fresh but not tight and dry like the conventional-cotton-pad method.

Anyway I digress..

I'm currently using this mac cleanse off oil.. But its running low and maybe will last me until this weekend. So now I'm thinking of switching to other brand and try new things (oh typical me, hehe). It works great and I always rinse it off with my dermalogica ultracalming cleanser. But thats the thing....

If u know me, u'll know how loyal I am to this brand. Apart from the cleanse off oil, all my skincare are from dermalogica. Not that I havent try to switch to other brands, I did! But I always find myself running back to them and now I surrender. I guess I'll stick with it kwang kwanggg.. So Dermalogica also have their version of oil make-up remover called Preclease. Application is exactly the same. I've tried the sample, I love the smell! But apart from that i think that they are exactly the same like mac... hmmmmm...

Now I think Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil is the most famous between them and I'm quite keen to try it out, hehe.. Is it as good as its reputation? Well actually I've tried it at the Shu outlet and I still have a sample that I havent use. The difference between Shu's vs Dermalogica and Mac is it doesnt need double cleansing. Meaning u dont have to wash ur face with ur cleanser after removing ur make-up. Ure good to go with ur toner and moisturizer.

I'm still pondering between these three choices. Any advice? comment? Will let u know which one i finally pick perhaps next week ;)

p/s - oh I forgot to mention a point. Eventhough ure not wearing make-up, u still to clean ur face with make-up remover IF ure wearing sunblock! Must remember. I learn the hard way :(


Anonymous said...

better pick dermatological kut since u dah pakai skincare dia kan...

::nyetto:: said...

la..ye ke..even pakai sunblock saja pun kena pakai make-up remover? maybe thats why ada jerawat kecik2 naik kat muka aku..mmg tak pakai makeup remover dah skrg..huhu. thanks for the info!

Mimi said...

Hehe, thanks for ur thought ;)

Yups! AKu pun baru tauuuu.. i think dats why aku byk black n white head, cuci x bersih! dah la cleanser aku very mild.. so now everynight aku cleanse w cleansing oil, even if am not wearing make-up.