Thursday, May 13, 2010

Foundations Review - MAC, Averine, and Revlon

The quest to get a perfect skin continue and seems neverending, but make-up provide a quick temporary fix right? Well at least to me. Not that I've never leave home without slapping foundation on my face, trust me when I'm just not in the mood I do : But never without a sunscreen (that a different topic!) ;)

Right now I have a few foundations on my dresser, I figure I should share my thought on them before (maybe) I pass my least favourite to my little sister heh. I have three of them, the ever famous MAC, my staple Averine, and Revlon.

I'll start with mac.

Mac Studio Fix Foundation SPF15 and Prep+Prime Base

Truth to be told I was in a rush when I grab this combo from mac. No prev research so zero background info, nada. I just trust the SA. My shade is NW30 if ure wondering. When I first put it on, i remember thinking its a little dark but after sometimes as it is really blended with my natural oil (yucks!) and everything, the shade somehow lighten (yeay!). I use it with the prep+prime base as an attempt to minimize the appearance of my pores *sobs*.

I would love to make this my staple one BUT it kinda breaks me out *sobsX2!* Yups, nothing big cystic but small bumpy ones which we usually refer as jerawat nasi. I'm sure because its the only changes i make and when I stop using it, the pimples slowly gone (thank god).. So I guess I'll only use it on special ocassions, one time only, coz apparently my skin is allergic with some of its ingredients :(

MAC Prep+Prime Transluscent Powder

One word, I LOVE it!

I got it with the Prep+Prime Base (comes in a set). At first I was indifferent about it, its just a white loose powder that dissappears after u brush it all over ur face. The SA told me to use it either as it is, or to set the liquid foundation. Well I use it as later and I realize it really controls shine on my face (yeay!). Like my face stays matte quite long. Without this, it'll become shiny and oily in no time. I also love that its transparent, so re-application will not create cakey face ;D

Averine Line Minimizer Foundation and Loose Powder

Well, the liquid foundation has been my staple for a few years already. I love Averine due to the fact that it never breaks me out. Even after the ultimate test - sleeping with it overnight! Yups. My frens also swears by this (u know who u are, hehe). I rarely use the loose powder though. And now that I have the mac transluscent ones, i hardly touch it anymore.

However the foundation only provide light coverage, tone down my pinky shades but the freckles and what not are still peeking, heh. I've learn to accept this fact after my experience with mac SFF. This is my daily foundation ;D

Revlon Beyond Natural 2-Way Cake Foundation

This one I bought just because I FEEL like I NEED a powder foundation. Liquid is good but not handy. Is not travel friendly as u cant really stuff it inside handbag and re-apply in the toilet :P

The verdict?

Not for me. I bought it because I was impressed with the liquid version when the SA apply it on my hand, it really blends and look natural (hence the name). But its liquid and kinda defeat my original I-need-a-powder right? So I bought the powder one. Its cakey with or without damp sponge. With damp sponge its slightly better, but I discover a few small bumps at night, so yups, Diddah ko nak ke? Aku tau ko mesti nak punya :P

So here they are, all together........

Hope u enjoy reading.
The quest continues, I'd say ;)


Anonymous said...

thanks for info. mac & averine x pernah guna lagi.. revlon tu aja yg pernah...

naza said...

Mac mmg superb!! luv the prep+prime tu..but now mine dh abis..sob..sob..
btw ko cube MAC studio fix..senang on the go..x pakai liquid foundation pun okay!!but not sure suit u ke tak!!
p/s: derma kt aku la P&P tuh..hehe..

Mimi said...

Ure welcome ;) Kalau x silap u pakai dior kan? (eh ke tu blusher?).. feel free to share u review too someday!

Alaa skin ko mmg xde problem babe, aku rasa ko pakai ape pun okee.. heee :D Nak P+P? swap jom? hehe.. Aku mmg teringin nak try yg powder tu, tp rasa nak try shu punya dulu :D