Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Get Well Soon

We're down with fever. First Awisy, then me, now Papa. Awisy got it first on Friday, me on Friday night, and we're okay by Saturday. Now Papa pulak.. hmmm... hope he'll get well soon.

So today Papa is on mc, sleeping upstairs. Awisy watching Thomas DVD, and I'm pretty bored. Kalau tukar channel sure mengamuk mamat tu :P Its raining outside, but i dont feel like sleeping, hehe.

For lunch I cook us chicken+beef soup with steaming white rice.

I throw loads of garlic and black peppers in. They say its good for fever :D

Sorry for the pretty useless update, just feel like jotting sumthing here on my favourite space :D On a different note, yeay Shahir made it to final! Hehehe :D We like him, me and Papa. Go Shahir! Haha :D

Till then, tatatititutu~

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