Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great Beauty Bargain - Rm25 vs RM5 ;)

Sometimes brand is not everything. Paying more money doesnt really guarantee a higher quality and vice versa. A good example here...

I've been using Guardian liquid foundation sponge applicator (I call it 'wedgie') for ages. A packet consist of 8 for merely around RM5. But last time I dropped by mac outlet, I remembered that I nearly run out of wedgie and bought mac ones for RM25. Dats equal to 5 packet of Guardian ones!

Back home I was so excited (dats typical me) wash my face and try out my new wedgie along with my new foundation (hehe). Much to my dismay, the sponge texture actually harder than the Guardian ones and somehow I found the application a bit streaky. Maybe its just my un-professional blending techniques but I prefer the cheap Guardian wedgie than mac!

Here's the comparison, the dirty one is Guardian's..

Their size are pretty much comparable

Except MAC's is slightly thicker. And Guardian's is sooo much softer!

So I'm reverting back to my previous cheap-drugstore-Guardian-RM5 ones.. And yesterday I found that its on 20% discount so I bought back-ups..

4 packets of these at RM17.60, still doesnt add-up to a packet of mac! What a bargain right?

Do u have the same experience with branded vs drugstore products? Feel free to share!


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