Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kes Taknak Balik

We were supposed to go back on Friday, but come Thursday..

"Alaa Papa malam ni last.. Esok dah balik kan?"

"Jum extend 1 nite nak? Tapi tukar bilik la!"

A quick stop at the reception counter reveals that the hotel are FULLY booked on Friday night. Frust! The receptionist told us to re-check during check-out but kitorg dh tawar hati dah! Haha.. Yela dah kemas2 sakan malas dah nak stay lagi.

But during the drive down the hill Papa asked me a golden question..

"So nak pergi mana ni?"

"Apa options kita?"

"Bangi, Kuantan, Cameron, Batu Feringhi"

Oh wow.. I knew my choice right away, but obviously its the furthest and gonna the longest drive. Cameron? Interesting but Papa dh malas nak drive naik bukit (alasan! haha). Kuantan? Tak tau apa yg interesting kat sana.. We kept on contemplating between the options until we drive pass the Kuantan intersection. SO Kuantan and Cameron are outta question. Hehe :D

So guess where we're heading to?



THE nearest of course! Pulau Mutiara~ BATU FERINGHI! Hahahahhahahaaaaa...

OMG I still cant believe we drove all the way there, from Genting then suppose to Bangi, what a detour, haha :D Kept telling Papa "burst my bubble!" cause I still couldnt believe we made such a drastic decision. Dengan baju-baju kotor 1 bag, no hotel reservation and what not.. Megagau checking GPS to find hotel, then making calls to 103 for hotel phone numbers, and then phone calls to hotel to find their rates. Most of the hotel rates were pretty expensive since its a public holiday/weekends. Dah la hotel2 yg kitorg call semua 4-5 stars, dah itu je yg ada kat GPS.

Finally we settled with Hydro Hotel. Coincidently was the hotel we stay during our honeymoon 3 years back~ Hehe :D Apparently they pun 4 stars hotel, but they have good government rates! Yeay~ Terus book and confirm since we predict we gonna arrive at night, tak sempat dah nak check out all the other hotels.

The room are VERY spacious! Puas la Awisy berlari-larian dalam bilik. All the seaview room were full so we only managed with partial seaview, hehe. Separuh-separuh.. Okayla.

Had our welcome drinks at the lounge..

Then to the cafe for dinner. Tapi service was sooooo slow, we asked them to send the ordered foods to our room instead. Tak larat!

It has become our tradition to order the hotel specialty fried rice. But I opted for fish and chip this time. Boleh share dengan Awisy. Papa suka giler nasi goreng dorang.. tak tau laaa mmg sedap sangat ke sebab kebuloq.. Hehe :D

It was a long day, a long ride, VERY tiring, so it didnt took us long to La-La-Land..


Anonymous said...

best pulak unplanned vacation mcm ni...if pg penang..mkanan nye sedap2..la..

Mimi said...

Yups, mmg thrilling. Dah lama xbuat keje2 camni sejak dh ada anak nie. Dah la kitorg ni mmg stay and kg pun kat selatan je, haha :D Food kat Penang mmg heaven and murah! Tu yg paling best :D