Thursday, May 6, 2010

Penang in a Day - Where We Go (oh wow, this is loooong!)

I love Penang! Eversince my practical days in Intel, I've fall in love with this densely packed little island. For 2 main things; its happening markets and oh-heaven of tasty (and cheap!) foods ;) And Nyetto, most of my treasured memories were with ya! Hehe.. Sungguh adventurous kita waktu tu kan?

And thats why Batu Feringhi was one of my honeymoon destination. Hehe :D And obviously Papa has been infected. If not he wouldnt volunteer to drive all the way from Genting to Penang for no reason, right? right Papa?? :D And now that we're three's company, I can see that Awisy also share our interest on this island. He love walking by the streets, checking out the markets, and lazying by the beach ;) Couldnt be more perfecto!

There're so much to jot down about our 2 nights stay, it might bored ya. So I figure I'll sum it up and divide it into 2 parts - where we go and what we eat (coming soon).. Enjoy~

The day start early, as early as 9:30am :P After breakfast and such we're ready and eager to explore :P Then Papa throw me the golden question (again) "where're we going?". I said to the town of course! He synically shake his head telling he wanna go sumwhere like museum. MUSEUM i tell ya. We are never museum type of people, he he. He checked the GPS (again) and decided for Toy Museum~

The Toy Museum, Tg Bungah

In front of the Toy Museum, I can see the entrance fees "RM20 for adult and RM10 for children", I almost didnt want to go in! But Papa was so excited I didnt hv the heart to voice my feeling, he he. A step inside and walla! Just what ure expected, a museum full (packed) of toys and miniatures. From x-man to star wars to superheroes to rockstars. I was feeling kinda bored actually, he he. Kept thinking we're wasting RM50 for nothing when Papa told me he only paid RM20 (oh ok) and yups most of the toys were collectors edition and there must be like gazillion of them.

Prangin Mall, Komtar Walk, and Penang Street

After spending around an hour oogling and googling at the toys, we step outside and Papa asked me (again) "where to next?". This time I stamp my foot (hard) on the ground, I wanna go to the town! So we set our GPS to Prangin Mall parking lot ;D Now I'm smiling :D Traffic wasnt that bad, smooth sailing from Tanjung Bungah to Komtar.

Oh god, the sight of the bus stand make me start reminiscing those times when i'm waiting for the bus almost everyweek there for 8 months! From Kulim to Komtar every Friday to spend the weekend at Nyetto's place in Bukit Jambul. Hehe :D Then from Penang to Kulim every Sunday evening to go back to my place :) I remember feeling like an outsider because the place (and the bus) are always FULL of immigrants, very few locals took the bus. I remember holding tight to my umbrella in case of harrasments and what nots. Yups!

Spent around an hour checking out the malls then off we go to Penang Street~ Yeay! Dats my baby calmly walking by the crowds and the heats! I'm so proud of ya Baby~

We had our Nasi Kandar here, but thats gonna be my next entry :D After that straight into the market to check out the stuffs. Shirts, blouse, jeans, scarves, anything from top to toe u can find right here. Then into the adjascent market to check out the pickles and dried fruits ;)

Hard Rock Hotel and Cafe

Around 3 o'clock we're done and decided to check out Gurney, the Plaza and the beach. But on the way Awisy fall asleep. He must be exhausted from all that earlier exploring. So we change course and head to Batu Feringhi and drive along the street to enjoy the view while noting the available hotels (as preparation for next time ;D).

We drove up to Hard Rock Hotel and bump into our cousin! She ws there with her children for vacation staying at Hard Rock until Tuesday (jelesssss!). Oh wow, their swimming pool are worth checking out! Kalau Awisy tak tido sure dah terjun. Thinking of having meals at Hard Rock Cafe, but Papa wasnt hungry. Into the car and headback to our hotel....

The Miami Beach

Hydro Hotel is not situated beside the beach. We need to cross quite a dangerous road to reach the beach. But guess what, as we reach the hotel we notice there's a flyover crossing (pedestrian) connecting hotek to the beach. Later we went to check out the beach, letting Awisy to chase the wave and enjoying sunset view.

The Batu Feringhi Night Market

Finally at night we went to the most happening place. The Batu Feringhi Night Market~ Haha :D Its a night market selling all kinds of stuffs from t-shirts to handbags to souvenirs to home decos to pirate CD all the way from the Shangri-La Hotel to where its end i couldnt remember, but quite a long long walk. I LOVE this place. Bought some CDs and t-shirts and toys for Awisy. The place are crowded! We took hotel shuttle to reach here and a taxi to go back to the hotel. It was almost 12am when we finally back in our hotel room (-.-).

Tired and exhausted but worth all the calories burn!

A quick bubble bath and off we fly to the La-La-Land.. ZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz...

p/s - I spent an hour writing this entry yet I have discussion wif my sv this afternoon. Yikes!!


Anonymous said...

mimi, Batu Feringhi Night Market tu setiap hari ke?

Mimi said...

I i'm not mistaken 3 times a week - every tuesday, thursday, and saturday.

::nyetto:: said...


bestkan...i miss those times...masa practical...mmg adventurous gile, tak risau sesat pun sbb bersemangat explorer :P u must also mention that we CLIMBED bukit bendera at least twice ok! SO NOT US, hahaha :) and the time where kita konon2 nak baring kejap tepi pantai ala2 sunbathing tapi end up tertidur betul2!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA (that is SOOOOO YOU)

love, love & love,