Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Red Wok Restaurant Bangi

Finally what i think a proper review rather than my feeble attempt last time.

We went here for Papa's besday dinner last week, prior to the vacation and all. I had the sotong goreng tepung in my mind, and Atuk brought fresh ikan siakap, his latest fishing catch :D

Haha sorry for the blurry pics. I blame the lighting ;P

The usual suspects

Our orders, note the IKAN SENDIRI masak stim limau, hehe :D

Ni my dad, org suruh amik gambar our drinks, dia amik gamba kitowang pulak

Yeay! Our orders - sotong goreng tepung, garlic asparagus, chicken boxing, and red ruby for dessert. The sotong goreng tepung was a bit different frm what i ordered last time, i think because last time i asked the waiter..

"Sotong goreng tepung ada?"

since i couldnt find it in the menu. The waiter replied yes and jot it down. But this time the waitress actually asked me the item number on the menu (mcm dekat white coffee tu)! And 'Sotong Goreng Tepung' was not in the menu :( She mentioned that the deep fried squids (if i'm not mistaken) is basically the same. Well taste wise mmg sedap jugak tapi takde the stringy bit (mcm udang butter) like last time. Hmmm....

Wuhuuuu.. ikan stim limau dia mmg kaw kaw! Very limey and spicy! Next time i'll request to tone down the spicinesss sebab Awisy takleh makan! haha :D Tapi mmg sedap~

Happy faces~ Gendang gendut tali kecapi, kenyang perut suka-hati!

Will definitely come again!

p/s - to Diana and anyone interested, the restaurant direction/map can be find here..

p/p/s - also checkout the restaurant site here ;)

Bon Appetit!


Diana Sulaiman said...

wah.. tq2... red wok ni siap ade blog sendiri eh?
i nak pegi la nanti.. tp harus carik dl.. nanti i pulak upload gamba.. :)

Mimi said...

Ure welcome :D Hope u'll enjoy the food as much as i do!

CikLilyPutih said...

BBQ Steamboat not bad, sedap dan murah plak tuh!

dilaOHdila said...

wah red wok lagi
time posa ni mesti ramai kan

ranjau mawar said...

red wok ada sijil halal dari mana? dr Jakim atau luar punya?