Monday, May 24, 2010

Shrek Forever After


I still cant get over the fat Puss! Still cute and extra cuddly! Dont want to write any spoiler, else I'll spoil the story ;) Needless to say very enjoyable (like every other Shrek movies) but quite sad to think that this is gonna be the last Shrek movie.. We're too familiar with the characters its sad to say goodbye :(

Some camwhoring products...

Spot the similarities!

That thing is sooo cute, must watch them next? Papa?

We're the first In! I booked (and paid) our ticket online, so had the convinient to choose the first row - easy to get out and take a break if Awisy is getting restless, hehh

Peace Awisy!

Awisy getting cosy with popcorn and blankie ;D

Happy Monday!


sweetmuffin said...

hi mimi. bestnya dapat tengok movie dengan anak sekali. just wondering from what age suitable to bring yr kid along to the movie, yea?mine is only 1 yr 3 months old.

fabulous.farah said...

ka..tak best nya shrek lepas ni dah tak de..kalo dah besar awisy senang la nak bawak tgk muvi..dah pandai nak enjoy muvi..huhu

Mimi said...

Hi Sweetmuffin..
I started bringing Awisy along to watch movies around 1.5yrs old i think. I remember choosing an animation movie and armed myself with a bottle of milk, his pacifier, and small toys! hehe.. And remember to choose the backseat, so u can bring ur baby outside so kalau dia reckless or meragam senang nak keluar2 skejap! Best to book ur seat early or buy online! Good luck ;D

Yups mmg sedih.. Awisy layan animation/cartoon je. Tu pun cepat boring. Sebab tu kene dok belakang! haha :D