Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sweet Gestures, Baby!

Lately I've been doing a lot of work at home, since I've bring back almost everything I need. Plus most of it are conviniently stored in my laptop anyway. So I set-up a little workspace right beside our dining table, easier for me to monitor little cheeky rather than doing my work upstairs.

But apparently he thinks Mama's a little lonely so he sent 2 of his friends to accompany Mama....

And maybe the papers that Mama been reading looks a little dull, so he spice it up with some abstract lines..

So apart from saving petrol and time, this is the price that I've to pay eh?

'Thanks' Baby!


Zuhaini said...

hahah.. tu kira ok lagi tu.. kalau Alia, sure dah koyak dan dah berada dalam tong sampah! hihihi :)

fabulous.farah said...

huhuhu..kelakar la korang 2 beranak ni..mommy xmengamuk ke?=p

Mimi said...

Hehh kalau koyak memang kene sebat ngan mama dia!

Dah tak larat nak ngamuk babe, gelak sambil nangis je laaaa..