Monday, May 3, 2010

Two Parks in a Day? (Warning: Gazillion of Photos)

So I guess its not a secret anymore our short vacay cum Papa's beday getaway destination ;) Genting! But stay put, NOT just Genting u know. We did extend our getaway hence the 2-days-short-break become 4-days-'short'-break.

Hehe :D

Maybe I'll write all about that in my next entry, but for the meantime just focus on the planned ones i.e. Genting @ First World Hotel @ Genting Theme Park. Its all started with a promo email in my inbox:

First World Hotel - from RM25 per night

A quick browse and phone calls to Papa, I booked (and paid) for 3D/2N stay, standard room for

*drum roll*


Cheapest rate ever~

No breakfast, but we dont care. Our last breakfast experience at FW hotel still terrifies us, heh. Finally the day arrives and off we go. The first day we just check-in and check out the malls and the indoor rides. Our room is VERY small but I'm not complaining! hehe.. Its comfy and convinient enough. Queen bed, hot shower, cool and breezy room. But Papa said he'll go for deluxe with view next time, haha :D

The second day we bought the All Parks ticket. Awisy just barely hit the 90cm borderline, so he just need the In-door ticket ;) This gonna be the last time I guess, next year he'll need the All Park's aswell. So here are SOME of the snapshots.. Enjoy!

Outdoor Park
Our first ride, the flying elephant. I remember last year, he was terrified of this ride! But this year he was excited and requesting for more ;)
Feeding the fishes
Spaceship and rocket~
Enjoying the view frm the top of 'Matahari'

The boat-ride.. Awisy did cried inside of the cave. He's afraid of the angry dino!
Checking out the view down the hill
Nice rocky

That chocolate factory
Our three-some shot~ Awisy was enjoying his corn-in-a-cup. Apparently his staple food up there coz he simply denies everything else!
Smile! My small tripod is very convinient at time like this~
Merry-go-round.. Sapa yg lebih excited nieh?

We took a break around two for lunch and head back to our room for Awisy nap and everything. Later at night we went down again, this time to check out the indoor park ;)

Little choo-choo train
Dinner at Kenny's
This ride is sooooooo cute!
Comel! Papa kata rasa macam hantar Awisy pegi sekolah pulak upon watching him riding the car all by himself.
Last but not least... video game, heh

Pheww, i think i have around 1++ shots from this day alone.. This are just some of it. Eventhough we didnt get to try those rollercoaster, solero, all those thing that requires height 120++ cm (hehe) its still worth it~

More updates soon~



fabulous.farah said...

huhuhu..best2..xpe..tunggu awisy besar main game yang mencabar=p

Mynie said...

wah, murahnya - rm70 je!

Diana Sulaiman said...

alahai.. bestnye gi genting..
i dah lama nak ajak en.suami gi tapi dia asik takmo je.. i tau dia sebenarnya gayat kalau i ajak naik cable car...

Zuhaini said...

wah.. murah giler! :)

Mimi said...

Yups, 2-3 tahun lagi bolelaa.. Insyallah :D

Murah kan? Sometimes their online promo really worth checking out!

Cable car? Kalau stay kat FW xyah naik cable car pun.. Kalau kt Awana kene la. Best utk merelease stress, especially bila bwk kiddos, suka tgk dorg excited trying out the rides.

Murah kan? Apelagi?? hehe :D