Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cute Devil or Devilishly Cute? (plus a sneak preview on my 2 things Simplysiti)

My little grown-up baby can be oh-so-devilish sometimes.

(Ouch!! He just pinched my hand coz I refuse to go and watch his cartoon with him...sabarrrrrr!!!!)

Finally there's a request on my review about the Simplysiti (Thanks ;D).. However I dont have my before and after photos right now so I'll save it for tomorrow okie! Hopefully I'll remember to snap my 'before' shot.. Hehe :D

So I'll just tell u a bit about them. I bought the Simply5 C-bright cream and Lipstick+Lipgloss combo (cant remember its actual name but its lipstick on one end and lipgloss on the other).. The Simply5 C-bright is RM49.90 and the lipstick+lipgloss if I'm not mistaken is RM39.90.

So my current thought on both items? Just to sum up, I love the Simply5 but so-so on the lipstuffs. I now wear the Simply5 everyday! Hehe :D I'll make a more proper review tomorrow ya! Stay tune~



fabulous.farah said...

bace blog u buat rase nak mekap. tapi malas. isk2

Mimi said...

Farah.. I ni pun kadang2 rajin giler, kadang2 malaassssss ok!