Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Laaaa Apasal Akuni?

Super duper not in the mood to update blog! Padahal ada banyakkkk bende nak cerita:

1. handbag baru yeay!
2. Awisy demam - baik demam - demam balik :(
3. Awisy yang kreatif (yes my world revolves around him)
4. My Nenek in Bangi! Tapi dia kurang sihat and awaiting results about 'ulcer' on her feet :(
5. Saya sudah try itu Simplysiti.. The Simply 5 cream and lipstick+lipgloss...

Okeh antara 5 topik itu yang mana korang nak tau dulu?? (hehe mcm boleh agak)..
COme on, gimme some motivation will ya?!

In the mean time, toodles!


old friend said...

i would like to know about the new bag first. hahaha! PLEASE :P

PurPlè said...

of course yg no 1! i know that u r dying to blog about ur new handbag... jgn malu2. i'm dying to know as well... hahahaa

Mimi said...

old friend and Purp..
check out my latest entry hehehehe :D awwww malu!