Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Make Up Remover That Brightens Ur Face? (plus MY quick reviews)

I sure hope so!

After a series of contemplations I finally settled with this one. Shu Uemura Brightening Cleansing Oil Advanced Formula.. Why?

1. I have nothing negative agains Mac Cleanse Off Oil but I'm bored, just wanting to try something new (and hopefully better, heh)
2. I have tried the Dermalogica Precleanse sample, love the essential oil-ish smell but somehow IMO Mac ones is better (at least to me, no pun intended!)
3. I also try the Shu Uemura Cleansing OIl sample (the yellow bottle one), I quite like it. No negative reaction and its quite effective. Yay!

So I went to Shu's outlet (Papa panggil Shu-Shu-Moora :P) and get this blue ones ;) They have several range of cleansing oil, tempted to try the green tea ones but opted for this one instead. LOL.. I bought the small i.e. 150ml one coz I want to try it first.. Hopefully it'll works (like a charm!)

The ones with 'Advanced' formula (if i'm not mistaken including the green tea ones) are pricier by rm10 compare to others

Will post my review after I finish this bottle~


Zuhaini said...

aiyo, tunggu habis satu botol ka..? hihih...

then kena snap la sebelum dan selepas :)

PurPlè said...

huhuuu, jeles tgk org try2 produk ni. hopefully it really works with u. my face tgh teruk skrg ni... i guess the worst in my life. naik jerawat pasir all over my face trmasuk pipi yg xde apa2 masalah b4 ni. x tau apa pasal...

Mimi said...

Interested ke? hehe.. Before and after? we'll see, we'll seee..

Erk ye ke? Maybe sbb stress kot? Muka aku pun mcm naik pimples sket, tu yg cuak tu.. Or dah tua2 pun ada hormonal change gak :( Hwaaaaaa! Abis ko pakai apa babe?